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Grand Country Lakeside RV Park

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Coleman Theatre 918.540.2425 
Dobson Museum 918.542.5388
Cayuga Mission 918.786.7607
Afton Station Packards 918.257.4044
Starbird's Custom Car 918.257.4234 
BigShots NightClub 918.257.4432
Bernice Nature Center
Lendonwood Gardens 918.786.2938
Har-Ber Village 918.786.6446
Mariee Wallace Museum
Pensacola Dam 918.782.9490

​Monkey Island Trail Rides  918-257-4195

​Monkey Island Winery     918-257-1166


Explore the huge diversity of attractions and activities on and off the lake. Also included are links to restaurants, services and much more northeast OK info.


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Peoria Ridge Golf (Miami) 918.542.7676 
Shangri-La (Monkey Island) 918.257.4204
Cherokee Grove 918.786.9852
Patricia Island Golf(Grove) 918.786.3338
Grand Cherokee (Disney) 918.435.8727 







If you're into antiques, collectibles, galleries, specialty shops, Consignments and flea markets, you're in for a treat. The diversity of shops in Grand Lake area of northeast OK is surprising: from old-fashioned flea markets to upscale boutiques, there is a vast array of places to explore and maybe find that perfect blouse, an original piece of art or just a plain-old fun gift!!

We hope that as you travel through, you find time to stop and browse...happy hunting!!!


The Grand Country RV Park is centrally located on Grand Lake allowing easy drive times to various attractions including Har-Ber Village, Lendonwood Gardens, the Pensacola Dam, and the Coleman Theater.

Explore the huge diversity of attractions and activities on and off the lake. Also included are accommodations, restaurants, ,services and links to much more. 
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​​We are a pet-friendly park as long as pets follow the rules which are based 
on consideration of others in the park...pets must be pre-approved...


Grand Lake Casino  Grove 918.786.8528
Downstream  Quapaw, Ok 800.39 6.7876    
 Wyandotte Casino 918.678.4946

 Lucky Turtle   918.678.2877
Indigo Sky 918.666.9200

Outpost 918.666.6770
Buffalo Run 918.542.7140

High Winds 918.541.9463
Stables 918.542.7884

Prairie Sun 918.541.2150
Prairie Moon 918.542.8670

Quapaw Casino 918.540.9100

Wake to the sounds of birds singing and relax to their songs throughout the day.  Geese waddle by, pelicans float past & occasionally an eagle is spotted
on the shoreline.